NOVA 3 Abrasive Blasting

NOVA 3  Abrasive Blasting Helmet


The Nova 3 series respirator combines breakthrough protection technology with advanced comfort and functionality, surpassing even the most rigorous industry standards and the demands of the most quality-conscious companies.

Designed to optimize safety and productivity, and to minimize worker downtime, the helmet has a host of features that maximize its lifetime value.


Rigorous safety standards not only protect valued workers, they also maximize efficiency, and maintain companies’ hard-earned reputations as suppliers and employers. tested the Nova 3 using all conventional safety testing. Meets standards worldwide, including NIOSH, ANSI Z87.1 – 2010+, ANSI Z89.1 – 2012 Type 1 Class C. Then they parked a large sports utility vehicle on top of it. It’s that uncompromising approach that characterizes design and the high standards and ethics they set in everything they do. Because jobs and lives depend on their products; Nova respirators will not let anyone down.


The Nova 3’s design and engineering distributes the helmet’s weight evenly across the head and shoulders for optimum comfort, practicality, and ease of worker movement, reducing fatigue. In addition, a ratchet-adjusted neck pad ensures your head is supported.

The ingenious, fully adjustable, internal “Clever Fit Padding” (patent pending) allows helmets to be individually customized. This avoids discomfort and irritation, giving workers a clear head even under the pressures of their work. The padding has a second, vital, purpose. It’s positioned to help absorb sound within the helmet, protecting workers’ hearing. Padding is easily removed, and fully machine washable, making helmets hygienic and pleasant to wear even in the most extreme temperatures.

Replacement Parts/Accessories:


Nylon Cape
Leather Cape
Blast Jacket

Replacement lens:

Inner Lens
10/pkg. 20pkg/case
Outer Lens
50/pkg. 10pkg/case
Tear Away Lens
50/pkg. 20pkh./case
Adjustable Head Support
Breathing Tube
Inner Gasket
Visor Kit
Mount Kit
Air Inlet Kit
Padding Connectors (Left & Right)
Padding Frames (Left & Right)
Side Padding Foam
Padding Covers (5 pairs)
Head Liner Kit
Head Liner Clips (Pack of 4)
Head Liner Foam
Neck Pad
Cape Cover Band